Morning Joe moves from NY to Florida to avoid taxes.

Ironically the set of morning Joe has moved from NY, the center for media in America and envy of all of the world to Florida. Was it better weather they where in search for? Was Mika and Joe just tired of the brutal NY winters, I mean no one could blame them for that right? Well the reason the show relocated was the high tax rate in NYC. So apparently Mika and Joe do not like paying a inordinate amount of their own money to frivolous government spending.

Remember when Mika said “Its our job to control what people think

So you would think that this opinion would reverberate throughout the show. Smaller government, less spending, reduce deficit spending etc. Nope the show “Morning Joe” constantly tows the democratic line of bigger government and more immigration especially across our southern border. I guess its more of the same taxes for thee; but not for me mentality.

If liberals didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any standards.

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