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Michigan Witness Testifies That Military Ballots Looked Like Photocopies With ZERO Votes For Trump

A witness at the Michigan election integrity hearing alleged that all the military ballots she observed looked like “xerox copies” of each other. The witness said that none of ballots were from registered voters and all were for Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

“Not one of the military ballots was a registered voter and the ballots looked like they were all exactly the same xerox copies of the ballot,” the witness testified to the state’s Senate Oversight Committee at the Binsing Office Building in Lansing, Mich.

This testimony on the absentee ballot counting process at the TCF Center in Detroit came approximately a month after the Senate and House Oversight Committees first approved subpoenas related to Michigan’s general election.

She continued: “They were all for Biden across the board. There wasn’t a single Trump vote. And none of the voters were registered.”

“They had to manually enter the names and addresses and the birth date of 1-1-2020, which would override the system,” the witness stated.

“And a lot of them had to enter non-registered voters, which I saw several that day. Throughout the day, that’s how they would override voters that were neither in electronic poll book or the supplemental updated poll book.”

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