Mexican President Lopez-Obrador Asks for Emergency Meeting Friday…

AMLO knows there is no way for Mexico to begin retaliating against the U.S. after President Trump demanded they step-up migration travel enforcement or face U.S. tariffs on Mexican imports.  There’s no way for Mexico to take on Trump economically; and they would be foolish to try…  All business interests in Mexico will take a financial hit as soon as the stock market opens tomorrow:

No doubt Mexican Foreign Minister Jesus Seade will reach out to Jared Kushner for relief/assistance; but don’t look for President Trump to change on this issue until he sees substantive actions taking place.  Trump knows AMLO has a tendency to play political games with immigration; he’s made hollow promises before; and now Jesus Seade is in a very tenuous position.

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The announcement rattled investors who feared that worsening trade frictions could hurt the global economy. The Mexican peso, U.S. stock index futures and Asian stock markets tumbled on the news, including the shares of Japanese automakers who ship cars from Mexico to the United States.

“We’re in a good moment building a good relationship (with the United States) and this comes like a cold shower,” said Mexico’s deputy foreign minister for North America, Jesus Seade.

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U.S. officials said 80,000 people are being held in custody with an average of 4,500 arriving daily, overwhelming the ability of border patrol officials to handle them.A senior White House official said Trump was particularly concerned that U.S. border agents apprehended a group of 1,036 migrants as they illegally crossed the border from Mexico on Wednesday. Officials said it was the largest single group since October.

[…] Mexico’s Seade said it would be disastrous if Trump goes through with his threat to impose the tariffs. Calling Trump’s move “extreme,” Seade said a normal response would be for Mexico to “mirror” the U.S. tariffs but that would lead to a trade war.

[…] White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, asked in a conference call with reporters which products from Mexico could be affected by the tariffs, said: “All of them.”

Mulvaney added, “This is an urgent problem. We are interested in seeing the Mexican government act tonight, tomorrow.”

Shares in Toyota Motor Corp, Nissan Motor Co and Honda Motor Co all fell around 3% or more, while Mazda Motor Co fell nearly 7%. All four automakers operate vehicle assembly plants in Mexico.

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Interestingly, people now started to take notice because AMLO is openly telling his fellow countrymen they must flood the U.S. border.

“And soon, very soon — after the victory of our movement — we will defend all the migrants in the American continent and all the migrants in the world,” Obrador said, adding that immigrants “must leave their towns and find a life in the United States.”  He then declared it as “a human right we will defend.”

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Most political observers read this and think it sounds crazy. They make comparisons to a U.S. presidential candidate telling Americans to flee to Canada. That type of perspective shows a disconnect.  The paradigm, and frame of reference, is entirely wrong.

What AMLO was saying in 2018 was not a surprise, nor is it an ideological proclamation; there is an actual strategic policy behind these statements.  This has been AMLO’s strategy for years, and no-one was paying attention.   Andrés Manuel López Obrador has long proposed a key economic plan for Mexico to become wealthy. However, his idea has only recently gained broad mainstream Mexican understanding.

Conservative U.S. media have no idea; but Democrats, activists and far-left immigration radicals certainly do. AMLO has thought this through, and he has seen the mistakes made by allies in Cuba and Venezuela.

AMLO has an economic plan where hundreds-of-thousands of his fellow Mexicans flood the Southern U.S. border region; overwhelm the system and essentially create an initial border economy; then, with the door and pathway created, begin a process of exfiltration of U.S. economic wealth directly into Mexico.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador is not crazy; he has a pretty ingenious strategy.

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Through overwhelming the Southern border regions, the nation of Mexico will be able to influence local U.S. laws and overwhelm the local U.S. political structures.  The Ameri/Mex zone penetrates into the U.S. and provides a borderless opening for migration, trade, commerce and the education of Mexican citizens through the utilization of U.S. social and economic systems.

All of the long-held grievances of Mexican nationals toward the disparity of their level of poverty and the wealth within the United States can be fixed through this plan.

Within the plan AMLO envisions the U.S. training, educating, employing and eventually paying for a growing standard-of-living for Mexico.  It is a fast way for Mexico to gain wealth; as opposed to the long process of building out an entire societal system of education, investment, infrastructure and commerce.

It would take Mexico several decades to achieve a level of wealth even close to the U.S., and they have no structural (political) systems in place to form the foundation of such an approach.  So, AMLO’s faster plan is to use migration into the U.S. to break down barriers, collapse the economic dam and allow the natural flood of U.S. wealth to flow into Mexico.

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From the Mexican perspective this is a pretty solid economic approach that just might work; and they have open-border comrades within the progressive, democrat, republican and corporate political systems (all over the U.S) who already support such a strategy.

So when you see the headlines about the Mexican President telling his people to leave; and when you see him telling government officials to formulate plans and policies to expedite entry into the U.S., don’t laugh them away.  It is a viable plan with just as much possibility of success as any other.

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