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Meghan McCain Tells Roger Stone To ‘Rot In Hell’

“View” co-host Meghan McCain tweeted a simple but harsh message for former Trump adviser Roger Stone.

“Rot in hell, Roger Stone,” she offered Friday.

Stone was found guilty on all seven counts of obstruction, witness tampering and making false statements to Congress in a Washington, D.C., federal court on Friday. The verdict followed a weeklong trial on charges that stemmed from former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia election meddling investigation.

President Trump voiced his disdain for the verdict minutes after it was announced.

“So they now convict Roger Stone of lying and want to jail him for many years to come. Well, what about Crooked Hillary, Comey, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Shifty Schiff, Ohr & Nellie, Steele & all of the others, including even Mueller himself? Didn’t they lie?” he tweeted. “A double standard like never seen before in the history of our Country?”

McCain, who is no fan of Trump or many of his associates, had a similar message for former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort a year ago.

“As far as I’m concerned, people who do blood money dealings like this, he should rot in jail and then he should rot in hell, as far as I’m concerned with Paul Manafort,” McCain said on “The View” last November.

McCain’s new tweet garnered a strong response on Twitter that included various comments from Trump supporters. Some urged her to “be better.” Others mocked her deceased father, the late Sen. John McCain, who was known to butt heads with Trump.

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