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McConnell’s Kentucky Home Vandalized with Messages Like ‘Mitch Kills the Poor’

Vandals struck the home of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who denigrated the act as a “radical tantrum.”

The Louisville home of the Kentucky Republican was vandalized at about 5 a.m. Saturday, police said, according to WHAS-TV.

The damage was confined to graffiti on the window and front door of the house.

Spray paint messages read, “Where’s my money?” and “Mitch kills the poor.”

McConnell’s statement said he was unfazed by the vandalism.

“I’ve spent my career fighting for the First Amendment and defending peaceful protest. I appreciate every Kentuckian who has engaged in the democratic process whether they agree with me or not,” he said.

“This is different. Vandalism and the politics of fear have no place in our society. My wife and I have never been intimidated by this toxic playbook. We just hope our neighbors in Louisville aren’t too inconvenienced by this radical tantrum,” he added, referencing Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, to whom McConnell is married.

Democratic Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear called the vandalism “unacceptable.”

Republican Party of Kentucky spokesman Mike Lonergan said, “Vandalism is reprehensible and there’s no place in our politics for acts like this. Kentuckians deserve better and the Democrats should join us in condemning this act of vandalism.”

The vandalism of McConnell’s house came after an attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s California home.

McConnell’s house was also the site of Saturday protests.

“I’m very disappointed in Senator McConnell for turning against the President and the Constitution,” said Frank Simon, who was objecting to the fact that McConnell is not aligned with President Donald Trump in fighting the election results.

Another group criticized McConnell for shelving a bill that would have given eligible Americans $2,000 relief checks.

“You can make decisions on anything and you do not support your people, that is horrible,” said protester Milly Martin.

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