Mayhem in the sky: Chaos erupting at 30,000 feet commonplace as fmr. air marshal reveals cause fueling it all

Summer is one of the busiest travel seasons of the year, but as more take to the skies, more fights and in-flight altercations erupt.

A recent report from the International Air Transport Association suggests that unruly passenger incidents on airplanes are on the rise, increasing by 47% globally in 2022 over 2021.

In the U.S. alone, 250 unruly passenger cases have been referred to the FBI for possible prosecution.

Former FBI Special Agent Jonathan Gilliam, who was also an air marshal, told Fox News Digital that part of the reason for an increase can be attributed to the fact that even the biggest airlines are now “no frills airlines.”

“The care for the patrons is no longer there. A lot of that occurred because they got fed up with people during COVID. And the other problem is a lot of people left during COVID that were good flight attendants, and now they have, like every other industry, they have people who are just aren’t customer-service oriented,” he said.


Gilliam said that passengers simply “don’t care.”

“They really don’t care. And I think you see people treat police officers the same way,” Gilliam said. “This type of stuff and this type of self-centered, self-indulgent behavior is everywhere now. I mean, we see it everywhere.”

Here are four instances of unruly passengers.

While on a flight from Chiang Mai International Airport in Thailand to Bangkok, a passenger forced the entire plane to return to its original gate after a passenger became upset after leaving his bag behind.

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A video recorded by another passenger on the plane shows the individual on the Thai Smile flight complaining to flight attendants about his bag that was left behind, which contained valuable items, including money.

At one point, a flight attendant grabbed his arm in an attempt to force the passenger back to his seat.

“If you still feel like this, we have to move you off the flight, so do you want to go? Or do you want to wait until Bangkok?” a flight attendant asked the man.

“Yes, yes, I want to go now. Ask the captain,” the man replied.

The plane then returned to the terminal, pushing back the flight that was already delayed by 45 minutes.

A Frontier Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Las Vegas was diverted to Denver International Airport on July 11 after a fight erupted between two female passengers.

The flight left Philadelphia around 10:30 p.m. It was initially scheduled to arrive around 8:40 p.m. but was an hour late because of the incident.

A spokesperson told Fox News Digital that a passenger became disruptive and forced the diversion to Denver.

The two female passengers were taken off the plane and arrested by the Denver Police Department.


“Shut the f— up, b—-,” one of the women could be heard yelling during the fight.

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“Don’t f—ing touch me,” one of the women appears to yell at the flight attendant. “Don’t f—ing touch me.”

When the individuals were taken off the plane, passengers could be heard applauding.

A Southwest Airlines flight headed to Houston from New Orleans was held at its terminal while authorities removed an alleged drunk woman who refused to leave the plane when asked.

The incident happened on May 29 at around 7:45 p.m. Deputies from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office and St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office responded to the incident at around 7:45 p.m.

Officials said the passenger, Kamaryn Gibson, 25, was causing a disturbance on the plane after leaving the gate.

She was charged with two counts of disturbing the peace, criminal mischief, two counts of resisting an officer by way of force or violence, and three counts of battery on a police officer.

In video posted to social media, the woman can be heard asking for her phone while deputies were pulling her down the aisle.

“No, I literally need my phone. I paid for that,” the woman told a passenger.

A woman who claimed to be pregnant allegedly attacked a Spirit Airlines employee at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on April 30.

Que Maria Scott, 29, was charged with disorderly conduct for her involvement in the fight after airline employees prevented her from boarding.

Police said that the woman allegedly told the victim that she was from “West Philly” and was going to “beat our a–.”

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“Ms. Rhoden stated that the Ms. Q. Scott put her boarding pass in one of her pockets, pulled up her sweat pants and proceeded to attack her by swinging her arms and hitting [the victim] on the left side of her face,” a police incident report reads. “[She] then stated that Ms. Q. Scott began to pull her hair at the scene and pulling her into a barrier that was at the location causing them to fall to the ground.”

“Rhoden stated that she clearly smelled alcohol on Ms. Q. Scott, even though Ms. Q. Scott claimed to be pregnant,” the report notes.

Officials said it took four people to break up the fight.

Fox News’ Michael Lee, Greg Wehner, Michael Ruiz and Sarah Rumpf-Whitten contributed to this report.

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