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Martins Luther King’ Niece Defends Donald Trump Againt Racism Accusations: ‘ALL THAT NEWS IS ABSOLUTELY FAKE’

Alveda King, the niece of iconic Civil Rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., told Fox News on Tuesday that claims by Democrats, pundits and activists that President Donald Trump is a racist are inaccurate.

During a Tuesday morning segment of Fox & Friends, King appeared for an interview with the morning show’s co-host Steve Doocy to discuss a meeting she and other African American pastors had with Trump at the White House and to comment on the president’s recent attacks on Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings and his city, Baltimore. After Doocy played a clip of politicians and analysts criticizing the president and arguing that he is racist, King disagreed strongly.

“All of that news is absolutely fake,” King, who formerly served as a representative in Georgia’s State House, insisted. She told Doocy that the president told her and the others in their meeting this week that “he cares about all Americans.”

“You know, we all believe the same. That’s something the president has said, one race, one human race,” King said. “So, he’s not a racist, absolutely is not,” she continued, “and the programs that he has moved forward, the higher job market is helping African Americans. The criminal justice reform, helping African Americans.”

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Trump on Saturday lashed out at Cummings, who represents Maryland’s 7th District which includes more than half of Baltimore, arguing that the representative’s city is a place where “No human being would want to live.”