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Maricopa County AZ GOP Chair Resigns After Failing To Certify Dominion Voting Machines

Maricopa County, Arizona GOP Chair Rae Chorenky has been forced to resign after failing to sign the Certificate of Accuracy for voting machines made by Dominion – which have come under recent scrutiny for security vulnerabilities, as well as flipped votes in Antrim County, Michigan (which was later blamed on “human error”).

Adding to suspicions over Dominion machines is a September 30 report in the Philadelphia Inquirer that “a laptop and several memory sticks” used to program voting machines in Philadelphia had mysteriously vanished.

Now, as National File reports, AZ State Rep. (and now Senator-elect) Kelly Townsend called on Chorenky to resign over her failure to sign off on the machines in October.

Chorenky responded with a flippant tweet – claiming “I’ll resign when you sprout even an ounce of integrity and obtain the intelligence to check your facts before spreading filth about a person whom you don’t know on a topic about which you have not the slightest clue.”

To which Townsend produced the certification which Chorenky failed to sign.

After Chorenky stepped down, Townsend thanked her “for doing the right thing and stepping down as Chair.”

“The voting machines, which Chornenky failed to verify, have come under scrutiny themselves. Dominion, the company behind the machines used in Arizona and other states, not only have ties to the Clinton Global Initiative, but also continue to sell decade-old machines that have “known vulnerabilites” that make them susceptible to hacking.”

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