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LeBron James Ripped For More Poor Sportsmanship After Suns Knock Out Lakers

NBA star LeBron James was ripped online Thursday night for showing poor sportsmanship again when the Phoenix Suns knocked off the Los Angeles Lakers.

In game five of the series, James walked off the court with more than five minutes left in the blowout loss to the Suns. And after being bested again by the Suns on Thursday, James noticeably walked off the court without shaking hands with his opponents, though he later signed a jersey for the Suns’ Devin Booker.

“LeBron leaves the court without congratulating the Suns. Vintage move. LeB****,” sports commentator Clay Travis posted after the game.

“LeBron later signed a jersey for Booker after the game,” Travis added. “But the point remains he left the court with five minutes left in game five and he was the only Laker who didn’t stay and congratulate the Suns after game six on the court.”

“It was bad when Tom Brady did it… And Lebron walking off without congratulating the Suns, and his good buddy Chris Paul, looks just as bad,” wrote ABC7 NY sports anchor Ryan Field.

“Look. I’m a [Lakers] fan & I’m ecstatic for the [Suns]. Both can be true. But right now I’m more excited for the Suns than I am mad the Lakers lost. LeBron quitting & complaining at the end of multiple games, not shaking hands, walking off early…gross,” remarked sports industry insider Danny Hoyt. “Ready for post-Lebron era.”

Here are more comments from disappointed fans via Twitter, both from the Game Five walk-off and the Thursday night Suns diss:

Lebron needs to check himself, walking off without shaking hands when you’re the idol of so many isn’t how “the king” should handle loss!
Lebron walking off without giving the dabs too. We’re better than all that.
Lebron walking off not shaking hands !! That’s y’all “King” [shaking my head].

I swear watching how #LeBron acts after games, just walking off without saying good game to other teams, makes me hate him as a player at times.

LeBron walking off not shaking hands of his opponent is bad sportsmanship.

James, comparing himself to Chicago Bulls great Michael Jordan, was clearly feeling the pressure this series. The Daily Wire’s sports reporter Joe Morgan reported Wednesday:

James has made it clear that he longs to catch Jordan and his six championships, but a first-round exit — and with James entering his 19th season — would make that feat hard to fathom.

It’s not time to put James out to pasture just yet. The man has avoided father-time for this long — but his inevitable decline appears to be creeping closer.

“I mean, it’s literally win or go home at that point,” James said after the loss. “So, you shoot all the bullets you got and throw the gun too. So, I look forward to the environment.”

“Obviously, our Laker faithful are going to give us a lot of energy, and I look forward to the moment, look forward to the challenge, and we’ll see if it brings out the best in me and my teammates.”

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