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Klain: Biden Has ‘Managed the Largest Land War in Europe Since Truman’ as Part of Record of Accomplishments

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House,” outgoing White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain stated that President Joe Biden has had “a record of impressive achievement and accomplishment,” including the fact that he “managed the largest land war in Europe since Truman” and passed “the largest climate change bill” in America’s history.

Klain stated, “I’m very proud of what the President’s been able to get done here. He’s passed the most significant economic plan since FDR, managed the largest land war in Europe since Truman, passed the second largest healthcare bill since LBJ, got more judges confirmed in his first year than any President since JFK, passed the largest climate change bill in history, and managed to pass the most significant gun control legislation since President Clinton. That’s a historic record. He did it all while tackling a public health crisis worse than any President since Woodrow Wilson has faced and with the narrowest legislative majority in the Congress of any Democratic President in 100 years. So, I think it’s a record for the ages. I think it’s a record of impressive achievement and accomplishment, and I think it’s been done under some very difficult circumstances.”

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