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Kamala Harris Used Child Actors for Cringe NASA Space Video

A NASA video featuring Vice President Kamala Harris interacting personally with children across America used child actors, according to reports.

The YouTube video features Harris interacting enthusiastically with a group of children from all across America — Emily from New Jersey, Derek from St. Louis, Zorielle from Lafayette, Lousiana, Trevor from Montonray, California, and Sydney from Iowa City, Iowa.

But all of the children in the video are child actors, according to reports.

Trevor from Bernardino, California, a 13-year-old actor, explained to a local news station he sent in an audition tape for the video before his agent called him to tell him he got the part.

After filming the video with Harris, he praised Harris’ personality.

“She just sat us down. She is super charismatic,” he said. “She’s everything that I ever thought of her, plus more.”

In the video, the group of children arrive at the Naval Observatory where they react enthusiastically when they discover Vice President Kamala Harris lives there.

“Welcome you guys!” Harris said as she hosts the children for a roundtable discussion on her porch.

The children begin by asking her about life advice.

“Never let anybody tell you who you are, you tell them who you are,” Harris says urgently as the kids nod in agreement.

The children laugh with Harris over questions about being the vice president and being the head of the space council.

“I just love the idea of exploring the unknown,” she exclaims, making wide expressive gestures with her hands.

As the soundtrack to the video swells, Harris dramatically tells them about the surprise she has in store for them.

“You guys are going to see, you’re gonna literally see the craters on the Moon with your own eyes,” she says.

“Oh my goodness!” the children respond excitingly.

“With your own eyes I’m telling you. It is going to be unbelievable, so that’s one of the things we can do here too which makes it so exciting,” she adds.

As they meet with NASA staff in the observatory, Harris again expresses excitement with the children.

“I’m telling you guys, you’re going to have so much fun with this!” she exclaims.

The children then join Harris in the observatory to discuss telescopes as they prepare to use it to see the moon.

“Wait until you guys see the moon, I’m telling you, I don’t know what it is about those craters on the moon,” she says excitedly before leaving.

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