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Joe Rogan Clangs the Bell on ‘Dangerous’ Biden: ‘Like, I’d Vote for Trump…’

Is Joe Biden a dangerous president? Joe Rogan thinks so, because the Commander-in-Chief isn’t in command — of himself.

On Wednesday’s edition of The Joe Rogan Experience, America’s favorite podcasting powerhouse sat down with New York comedian Dave Smith. As a libertarian political commentator, Dave’s appeared on Fox’s Kennedy as well as The Greg Gutfeld Show, and on CNN’s S.E. Cupp: Unfiltered.

A topic during their chat: insane things the President says.

It started with thoughts on VP Kamala’s oratory skills. You may recall her lecture on the passage of time:

Joe drew an entertainment metaphor:

“Do you know how there’s those comics who are really good comics who have a girlfriend, and the girlfriend does comedy, too? And the she bombs every time. … [N]ext thing you know, ‘Who’s opening for Jeff?’ ‘He brought his girlfriend again.’ ‘Oh, no. He’s going to give her another chance.’”

Kamala’s triggered:

“[S]he’s so trigger burnt (when speaking for the cameras). … You [can] tell she’s shell-shocked almost. … [S]he’s much worse (than before). Terrified.”

“Is this a caricature of what the worst thing to be would be?” Dave offered. “What are these Democrats going to do, man? Can Joe Biden actually run for re-election? And if he doesn’t, can they actually put up her?”

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Rogan posed a question and, in a way, issued a warning:

“How do (Democrats at the top level) get [both Joe and Kamala] out (of the way for 2024)? If I was Kamala Harris, I would be taking no small planes.”

The pair discussed Biden’s shocking call in March for the Russian president to be removed from power, which the White House immediately walked back.

From Dave:

“You go, ‘Dude, you can’t just say that the policy is to overthrow Vladimir Putin… That’s, like, a huge thing to say. And then they come out and they go, ‘The White House issued a statement that their policy has not changed.’ And you’re like, ‘Who’s the White House? Who? Is it the chief of staff? Is it the vice president? Is it his wife? Who’s the White House? He’s the head of the White House.”

Biden’s certainly made things clear: He’s less than totally atop the syllabic stallions hurdling his dentures’ low fence.

Sky Australia has compiled some compelling clips:

Dave hit on the President’s decline:

“If you listen to…a speech he gave in 2012 or 2013, he has lost several steps.”

And Rogan won’t be pulling a lever for the former senator from Delaware:

“[I] can’t vote for Biden. Like, I’d vote for Trump before I’d vote for Biden. And the reason being is…you knew this. You knew he was deteriorating. Forget about [his] policies when he was lucid. I mean, he was lucid during the Obama administration. You barely heard from him. … [R]egardless of what you think about his policies…as a human that’s in a position of extreme stress and power, that is nuts. That’s nuts. That’s nuts. That’s insane. He’s so far gone.”

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Joe also put it another way — one that was a bit more colorful:

“[H]aving a guy like him in office is f***ing dangerous. … [It’s] legitimately dangerous, man.”

Everyone gets old…so goes the passage of time. For those who wish to delve further:

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