Jen Psaki made one prediction about Joe Biden’s future that left Democrats worried sick

Jen Psaki knows the inner workings of Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign. 

Now she’s coming clean with Democrats about what’s in front of them.

And Jen Psaki made one prediction about Joe Biden’s future that left Democrats worried sick.

Jen Paski breaks down a brokered convention for Democrats 

Suddenly, everything is up in the air for Democrats after President Joe Biden botched the CNN Presidential debate.

Biden’s campaign has vowed that he’s staying in the race despite his dreadful performance on the debate stage.

But anonymous Democrat megadonors, politicians, and insiders rushed to outlets like CNN, Politico, The New York Times, and others after the debate to let them know they were exploring replacing Biden on the ticket.

Replacing Biden as the nominee would give the party a fresh start in the Presidential race.

But former Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki warned that things could get ugly at the Democratic National Convention trying to pick a new candidate.

She broke the bad news to hopeful Democrats on her MSNBC show Inside with Jen Psaki.

“Those of you out there who have hopes of Joe Biden stepping aside so that there can be a brokered convention should know that isn’t exactly an easy road either,” Psaki said.

Post-debate chatter confirmed that Democrats don’t see Vice President Kamala Harris as a viable option to beat former President Donald Trump this November.

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Psaki explained the chaos that would come with casting aside Biden and Harris at the convention.

“First of all, it would have a seismic impact on the Democratic Party if the President stayed neutral and did not endorse his own Vice President,” Psaki stated. “It would also mean a couple of thousand party insiders would be empowered to make a choice on the nominee, not the millions of Democratic primary ballots who already cast their ballots.”

A new Presidential candidate would bring new problems 

Pushing Biden and Harris out of the race would presumably give Democrats a candidate with less baggage.

But it would bring a new set of problems for the party to deal with.

Psaki explained that a new candidate would be catapulted into the national spotlight who is “largely untested” and “with potentially low name identification.”

“It would all be very messy and potentially very divisive,” Psaki said. “But right now, it still feels very unlikely.”

But Psaki admitted that calls for Biden to step aside weren’t going away.

“So no, not a good night for the Biden campaign. And what came next was a full-scale freakout inside several factions of the Democratic Party,” Psaki stated.

She noted that former President Barack Obama’s campaign manager David Plouffe called Biden’s performance “a DEFCON 1 moment.”

“And he was right,” Psaki said. “It was. I mean, within the first 10 minutes of that debate, the question was being asked here in Washington and Capitol Hill, offices and group chats all over my phone and editorial meetings across the country: Whether Joe Biden should carry on as the Democratic nominee.”

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“And our job is not to ignore those questions because they are real, they are valid, and they aren’t going away,” Psaki added.

Democrats will be dealing with questions about replacing Joe Biden all the way til the Democratic National Convention at the end of August.

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