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Jemele Hill Fears Lax Punishment for Trump Supporters Could ‘Weaponize White People’

With the left and their assistants in big tech on the hunt to destroy conservatives everywhere, former ESPN talker Jemele Hill is once again reviving the theme of Russian election interference.

Despite the fact that no evidence has ever been revealed showing the Russians having an outsized influence on the 2016 elections, the Atlantic referenced it in a Sunday tweet.

“The Russians created chaos in the 2016 election by flooding our social media networks with misinformation and racial division. If this coup attempt isn’t dealt with harshly, America’s enemies will know they can weaponize white people to do their bidding without consequence,” she wrote.

The Mueller Report never did substantiate any claims of collusion.

It appears that about the only attempt to influence the election came in ads Russian purchased on Facebook.

Furthermore, there has been no “coup attempt” except for the four years of Democrats trying to overthrow the voice of the American people the entire time.

This is not the first time Hill has opined on politics this week. On Wednesday, Hill tweeted that if the protesters who stormed the Capitol had been black, the police would have reacted more quickly.

Story cited here.

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