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Jay Williams Rips NBA Players Complaining About Living In The Bubble In Orlando

ESPN pundit Jay Williams dropped the mic on NBA players complaining about the bubble in Orlando.

The league is slated to start back up in a couple weeks, and players are living out of a bubble located at Disney in Florida. Some players have taken to social media to complain about the lack of luxury around them, and the former NBA player isn’t impressed.

“We need to think about people who are everyday working people who are making minimum wage trying to make ends meet that are going to factories,” Williams told his Twitter followers Sunday.

He further explained how bad of a look it is for NBA players to be so tone deaf while having “millions of dollars” in the bank.

Major props to Williams for keeping it real. He’s 100% correct, and I’m glad somebody said it. NBA players are among the most blessed people on the planet.

They get paid millions and millions of dollars to play a game. They’re better off than pretty much everyone else on the planet.

Yet, they’re still complaining about the dumbest of stuff!

If you’re not happy with the food options at Disney or the hotel options, then just don’t play. Sit out the remainder of the season and return in 2021.

Don’t take to social media and complain while millions of Americans would give anything for the resources and opportunities NBA players have.

Let us know in the comments what you think about Williams’ comments!

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