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Hunter Biden Was Receiving Classified State Department Briefings on Regular Basis

After an interview on the Joe Hoft Show on TNT radio with John Paul Mac Isaac, this is beginning to make sense.

John Paul Mac Isaac is the heroic computer store owner whose life changed the day Hunter Biden walked into his store in Delaware requesting help with some laptops he had in tow. Mac Isaac offered to help Hunter but when Hunter never came back for the one laptop left with Mac Isaac, the laptop became Mac Isaac’s. Soon after this, Joe Biden decided to run for President and Mac Isaac knew he was in possession of a hornet’s nest.

After Hunter refused to come back and take possession of his laptop the ownership of the laptop became Mac Isaac’s. At this point, Mac Isaac decided to see all that was on it. What a revelation he found.

Documents of all sorts were on the laptop as well as seedy pictures and videos and text messages downloaded from Hunter’s phone.

Eventually, Mac Isaac handed the laptop over to the FBI after numerous attempts to have them come and get it. But Mac Isaac still had the backups from the laptop. They were his.

Mac Isaac was asked in the interview today if he had any thoughts after the recent revelations of the Bidens being in possession of top-secret classified documents. Mac Isaac noted that one item from the laptop struck him in particular. This is when Mac Isaac dropped a bomb.

Mac Isaac said that one email, in particular, came to mind. He discusses this email in his book. The email was sent from Hunter Biden to his friend and fellow Board member at Burisma, Devon Archer. This is discussed in Mac Isaac’s chapter on Burisma.

This document was shared by Miranda Devine in a recent New York Post article. She shared this document online.

This is the document noted by John Paul Mac Isaac.

We have determined that the information in this email sent from Hunter to Devon Archer is based on at least one classified US State Department briefing coming out of Eurasia. This is the same State Department group that oversees Ukraine.

Based on an XRVision review of the original Hunter Biden laptop, Hunter was receiving classified State Department briefings on a regular basis and was using this information to promote the Biden family business worldwide.

Mac Isaac was concerned with the end of the email where Hunter recommends getting phones that can’t be easily traced. This implies that Hunter didn’t want his and Archer’s communications from being traced.

Mac Isaac was also concerned about the last few sentences in the email noted below:

We should also find a highly credible and discreet firm to provide due diligence and deep information for us on an ongoing basis. The kind of people that can get us information that’s not available through a google search and some phone calls. We can use our own funds to pay for it and I’m sure your buddies down in Little Creek have some trusted independent contacts that do that kind of work.

Mac Isaac believes that when Hunter noted “highly credible and discreet firm to provide due diligence and deep information for us on an ongoing basis”, he was referring to the CIA. When he refers to “Little Creek” he was referring to US Navy’s Little Creek Amphibious Base located in or near Norfolk, Virginia.

Hunter appears to be saying to Devon Archer in this April 2014 email, to reach out to his friends who might know some contacts with the CIA to help us with Burisma.

It appears Hunter’s hints were understood.

According to the Illustrated Primer, we see that Hunter and Devon Archer did find a CIA official to put on the Burisma Board – Joseph Cofer Black.

Black was a former CIA official who joined Burisma’s Board in 2019. Black is also connected to Senator Mitt Romney having served as his advisor for national security on Romney’s 2008 campaign as well as a special advisor for national security and foreign policy on Romney’s 2012 failed Presidential campaign.

Story cited here.

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