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Honduran Mother Who Was Dubbed ‘Lady Frijoles’ After Blasting a Mexican Migrant Shelter For Feeding Her ‘Pig Food’ Of Beans and Tortillas Is Arrested In Texas For ‘Assaulting A Woman With a Gun’

A Honduran mother who was dubbed ‘Lady Frijoles’ after she blasted a migrant shelter in Mexico for feeding her ‘pig food’, has been arrested in Texas for allegedly assaulting a woman with a gun.

Mirian Zelaya Gómez, 38, and her sister, Mirna Zelaya Gómez, 33, were apprehended in Dallas early morning on March 27.

Both have been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Each are being held at the on a $10,000 bond.

The alleged assault victim is thought to have been the owner of the property Mirna Zelaya Gómez rents in Dallas, according to reports.

A November 2018 interview of Mirian Zelaya Gómez went viral after she reached Tijuana, Mexico, with a caravan of migrants seeking to apply for asylum at the United States southern border entry point.

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During her brief stay in Mexico, the Honduran woman was highly critical of the meal she and other migrants were given.

She went as far as comparing it to food given to ‘pigs.’

‘The truth is that the food they are giving here is fatal. Look at what they are giving us,’ Mirian Zelaya Gómez said in Spanish.

‘Look, pure grounded beans as if you were feeding the pigs. There is really no other option, you have to eat that food because otherwise we die of hunger.’

She would later apologize for her vile comments, attributing them to the stress she was feeling at the moment while awaiting to cross the border with her daughter, who she said was in need of an operation.

‘Apologies to the Mexican people,’ Mirian Zelaya Gómez  would say in the days following her embarrassing moment.

‘They have behaved here very well. I only said that because I felt very bad for my daughter.’

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Mirian Zelaya Gómez and her child eventually were admitted to the United States in December and was adapting to the American dream.

Less than a month after arriving in Texas, Instagram user morenita_zelaya posted a picture of herself smiling and posing together in the kitchen of a home.

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