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Hillary Clinton Gets Pop Quiz in Self-Awareness and Fails in Spectacular Fashion

Hillary Clinton, the woman whose campaign paid a reputed Russian FSB agent to make up the fake “Russian collusion” scandal to tar President Donald Trump, is now back to accuse the man who defeated her in 2016 of “giving aid and comfort to [Vladimir] Putin.”

Give it a rest, Hill.

Clinton tweeted about her recent appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, accusing Trump of helping Putin because he cited an obvious fact. Putin “recognized” the Donbas region of Ukraine as a “breakaway” Russian area and then sent in troops whom he characterized as “peacekeepers.” Everyone with a brain knew what was going on but also knew it was a fig leaf that some dummies at the United Nations would allow him to hide his intentions behind. Trump just said it out loud.

In an interview in which he issued a screed over the Russian invasion, he also called Putin’s rationale a “genius” move. As military historian Victor Davis Hanson pointed out recently, Trump should have put an adjective such as “evil” in front of that word to dull the impact. A national security expert I know called it genius too. No matter. Hillary had her talking point.

Now Hillary is once again trotting out the old Donald-Trump-is-a-Putin-puppet trope. She hoisted it up on the flag pole to see who would salute. Enter living bobble head Mika Brzezinski. Clinton told Mika that “we have to make sure that within our own country, we are calling out people giving aid and comfort to Putin and siding with autocrats against the global cause of democracy.” Insert laugh track here.

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Twitter wasn’t having it. The response to Clinton’s obvious gaslighting was so hot the former secretary of State should check her ample ass for singe marks.

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway was among the first out of the blocks with some facts we’ve learned from the investigations into her worse-than-Watergate spying scandal. Hemingway took the bait saying, “Well, OK: You secretly created and funded the Russia collusion hoax, using an agent of a Russian oligarch, damaging our republic and national security and helping a foreign policy that has put us in a dangerous position Putin is taking advantage of. Consider yourself called out.”

Hillary, whose disastrous attempt to stage the Russian “reset” was conducted after Putin invaded Georgia, must think we don’t remember five minutes ago.

Political commentator Yossi Gestetner pointed out that after Georgia’s takeover, the Clinton Foundation got millions “from Russia-gov-backed investors who needed the Obama Admin/you to sign off on the sale of Uranium 1. Your COS at State got paid while at State from a guy who was key at the foundation. Pls!”

This congressional candidate also wondered about the Putin puppet profiteering.

The Media Research Center noted that “If there’s one person who shouldn’t pontificate about dealing with Putin and Russia, it’s Hillary Clinton.”

Upset Hillary supporters started the pithy hashtag #HillaryWasRightAboutEverything, but I can tell you one thing she’s wrong about: most chardonnay is dreck. Oh, and stopping sanctions as her party did recently was also another very bad idea.

As another wrote, “Would selling uranium to Russia be considered ‘aid and comfort’? Asking for a friend.”

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Now, Hillary screamers, take a deep breath, let it go, and look at the gaslight.

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