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Here’s Why So Many People Are Stockpiling Emergency Food Now

According to a recent report by the World Bank, the share of high-income countries with extreme food price inflation has risen to a whopping 85.5%.

As everyone knows, inflation is making life miserable all around the world. The perfect storm of pandemic-related supply chain collapses—coupled with military conflicts, boycotts, sanctions, embargos, and other disruptions—has caused a severe shortage of nearly everything our economy depends on.

Furthermore, according to the World Bank, “Farmers have reduced the acreage of crops such as wheat after selling last year’s harvest at a loss.” Therefore, you can expect to see less food in the future—because it takes time for food to be planted, grown, and harvested. Imagine how painful a months-long gap in the food supply chain will be.

All of this is painfully obvious in the form of constantly rising food prices. For the past few months, we’ve seen wheat prices going 15% higher than the month before. Same with corn and rice. Yet these are essential ingredients in almost all food products on earth. When they become unaffordable, everyone suffers.

That’s why it takes many more “Benjamins” to pay for a cart full of groceries these days. Add to that the devaluation of our currency because of the over-printing of money (trillions of extra dollars) during the pandemic, and we have a recipe for absolute disaster in the year ahead.

What Can You Do About It?

That’s the question everyone is asking themselves right now. Fortunately, there’s an answer: long-term storage emergency food. The kind you keep on hand in case of emergencies such as natural disasters, economic catastrophe, power grid failure… you name it. These days, anything can suddenly take you by surprise and cause a food shortage. It’s wise to be prepared with the essentials you’ll need in an emergency—especially since your family’s survival may depend on it.

Enter: the nation’s largest emergency preparedness company—My Patriot Supply—a Utah-based direct-to-consumer retailer with millions of happy, well-prepared customers. Read on for a special discount that will help you prepare for what’s coming.

Dare to Prepare for Food Shortages!

The coming food shortages make clear how vital it is to prepare now to survive tomorrow. It’s not “paranoid”—it’s smart. Would you neglect having a fire extinguisher or first aid kit in your home? Of course not. You have them for when you need them. And then you’re darn glad to have them when the time comes!

Same with emergency food. There’s nothing crazy or odd about preparing. Suburban housewives are now the biggest buyers of emergency food. They’re not crazy preppers! They’re soccer moms who can see what’s coming, and they’re not about to let their loved ones suffer.

That’s why they’re turning to the one preparedness company that’s on the side of American families. My Patriot Supply is now CHARGING LESS so they can HELP families MORE. Right now—but for a limited time only—you’ll SAVE $60 when you order their handy 4-Week Emergency Food Kit.

Your family will love this food. It contains a wide variety of delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners, drinks, and snacks. Be sure to get at least one kit per person in your care. (Plus extra for unexpected guests.) In a serious crisis, many people’s lives could be depending on what YOU decide to do right now.

This isn’t “bunker food” by any means. You get sixteen tasty, top-quality foods such as buttermilk pancakes, creamy stroganoff, macaroni and cheese, hearty soups, flavored rice, and desserts like chocolate pudding. Nobody gets bored when they get their emergency food from My Patriot Supply.

So, take a moment to stock up on as many 4-Week Emergency Food Kits as you need. Act now and you’ll SAVE $60 PER KIT! Your order ships FAST and FREE—and arrives in unmarked boxes for your privacy. The peace of mind that comes from having your family PROTECTED from a food shortage is priceless.

You can now prepare for the worst affordably with these $60 SAVINGS per kit. Click Here to save $60 on each 4-Week Emergency Food Kit you need. The meals are easy to prepare and no refrigeration is required. Just store each bucket in a cool, dry, dark, and safe place. This food is specially packaged to stay fresh for up to 25 years in proper storage!

You’ll rest easy knowing that no matter what happens down the road, you and your family won’t suffer. The meals are designed to provide 2,000+ calories a day—so you’ll have the strength and energy you need under stressful conditions.

Click here to SAVE $60 on your 4-Week Emergency Food Kits today. This is the affordable way to build your emergency food stockpile. And if the day ever comes when you need to fall back on this food, it will be worth much more than what you paid for it. That’s a promise.

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