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Here’s Why LeBron Didn’t Want to Discuss the Beatdown Murder at His Akron School

LeBron James, who has a history of whining about racism — even possibly fake racism — was unusually quiet after a white teen was beaten to death at his I Promise School in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. Now we may know why he was so tight-lipped about the gruesome killing. The three men arrested for murder are black, and that doesn’t fly with the narrative LeBron James has been pushing for years.

Fast Facts:

Three young men playing basketball at LeBron James’ “I Promise” School sucker-punched Ethan Liming after an altercation involving a SPlatRBall soft gel gun.

When Liming was unconscious and lying on the ground, the three stomped him to death.

LeBron released a half-assed tweet, which someone should have edited first, as it had spelling and grammar errors all over it.

U.S. Marshals have arrested three black men for the vicious murder, Tyler Stafford, 19, Deshawn Stafford, 20, and Donovon Jones, 21.

Do the killers, who were playing basketball on the courts of LeBron’s I Promise School, look up to LeBron and believe his whiny, racist nonsense?

Are white people “hunting” black people in the U.S.? The FBI says no, and the truth is actually quite the opposite.

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FACT-O-RAMA! According to the FBI, black people murder more than twice as many white people every year as whites kill black people. In 2019, black people murdered at least 566 white people which is, as LeBron would put it, literally every day, and then some. I say “at least” because these numbers only reflect murders involving one suspect and one victim (and an arrest). Hence, Ethan Liming’s killers will not be included in this report when the 2022 stats are released because there were three killers. Unsolved murders are also not included in the linked chart.

Ethan’s father, Bill Liming, suggested there might be a racial undertone to his son’s murder:

My son Ethan Liming was murdered by three African American males and a female who stood by and did nothing. We live in a sick world. People look at each other based on the color of skin or the fact somebody disagrees with somebody else. And because you disagree with me you must be evil. And we have so dehumanized each other in our society, that’s why my son was murdered. Some people looked at him as somebody whose life didn’t matter. And it just breaks our hearts. And we don’t want this to happen to anybody else’s child.

The police claim they have no reason to believe this murder was race-related, yet we know that some of the friends Ethan was hanging out with were black. Though they allegedly did call 911 and attempt to get him into a car, it was just Ethan versus the three men who have since been arrested. No one else was even injured.

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King James has yet to release a statement since the arrests.

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