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Head Of Pentagon UFO Office: Government In Possesion of ‘Exotic’ Materials From ‘Mysterious Vehicles’

The former head of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Thread Identification Program (AATIP) — also known as the Department of Defense’s UFO program — told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Wednesday that he believes the United States government is in possession of mysterious, “exotic” technology as a result of encounters with unidentified aircraft.

Luis Elizondo, who headed up the Pentagon’s AATIP unit for years, until it shuttered in the mid-2010s spoke to the Fox News host ahead of what is expected to be a blockbuster Defense Department report detailing the United States military’s encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena (AUP).

When asked whether the government is in possession of physical evidence of advanced technology, Elizondo told Carlson that he “believed it was true” that military investigators collected “exotic materials.”

“Is there debris or materials from any of these vehicles?” Carlson asked.

“The United States government is in possession of exotic material and I’ll leave it at that,” Elizondo responded.

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