Google Continues Work On Controversial China Search Engine: Report.

Google is reportedly continuing work on a search engineOpens a New Window. in ChinaOpens a New Window., according to an internal investigation by the tech giant’s employees, putting the controversial project back into the spotlight after it was abandoned following condemnation from lawmakersOpens a New Window. in both parties.

The initiative – known internally as Project Dragonfly – was said to be ready for release by April 2019. But media leaks on Google’s plans to comply with Chinese censorship rules in order to launch the engine brought intense opposition from within its own ranks, as well as from elected officials.

When asked about the project in December during a House Judiciary Committee hearing, CEO Sundar Pichai denied any immediate launch plans but did not rule out a future release. Amid media reports that work continues on the initiative, Google says nothing has changed.

“As we’ve said for many months, we have no plans to launch search in China and there is no work being undertaken on such a project. Team members have moved to new projects,” a spokesperson said.

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