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Global Warming Has Been Canceled

Hey, remember when Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said that fighting global warming was our generation’s World War II? It was an idiotic remark, but then she pushed policy to back up her words. Alas, the Green New Deal was born.  An economic disaster, which seeks to transition the nation off of fossil fuels in a decade, kill farting cows, upgrade all buildings to energy efficient standards, whatever those may be, and eliminate the combustible engine. It’s the epitome of intrusive government and it comes with a $90 trillion price tag. This is on top of the far left’s jobs guarantee, free college, and Medicare for All. It’s a socialist mess. But hey, at least we’ll be doing something to help curb global warming which is such a threat…that one of Greenland’s key glaciers actually grew!
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