German Forklift company plans USA expansion to avoid China Tariffs.

Are you getting tired of Winning yet? Donald Trump has increased American manufacturing 10 fold according to forbes after only 21 months. Apparently President Trump does a magic wand that former president Obama had previously said Potus would need to revitalize the American manufacturing sector.

Kion the German forklift manufacturer sells about 3000 forklifts in the US every year. Well about 1500 of those forklifts are made in China and transported around the world to undercut american manufacturing and increase corporate profits.

“It is worth exploring ways to expand our production in the U.S. to avoid tariffs,” Ms. Groth said. The company is searching for additional U.S.-based suppliers that could provide its factory in Summerville with parts, she added. [Emphasis added]

The U.S. tariffs cost Kion a few million euros last year, Ms. Groth said. “In 2019, this amount will be higher,” she added. [Emphasis added]

Production in American factories boomed in December of 2018, Vehicle production is up nearly 8%.
To read more about Kion’s planned US expansion read here.
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