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George Washington University Students Say They Aren’t Proud to Be American

Students at George Washington University argued this week that America is not the greatest country on the planet.

In a series of interviews with Campus Reform, students at George Washington University said that they aren’t proud to be an American. In the video, several students say that they aren’t proud to be an American under President Donald Trump.

A constant chorus of George Washington University students tell Campus Reform correspondent Cabot Phillips that they are not proud to be American. Some briefly mention President Donald Trump as the reason why they are not proud to be American.

“I can’t be proud of a country that elected Trump,” one student said.

Other students offered more nuanced perspectives. “One of the most patriotic things a person can do is realize that there is a lot of problems, be willing to help solve those problems, and still love their country at the end of the day,” one student said.

“There are so many issues right now that I can’t say I’m proud to be an American,” another student said. “I think there are a lot of things to be proud of, but at the moment there are a lot more things we have to be ashamed of.”

Breitbart News reported on July 4 that Democrats have abandoned their love for America in many ways including but not limited to Nike’s decision to cancel a pair of sneakers that were set to feature the Betsy Ross flag and a recent New York Times feature questioning the greatness of America.

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