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George Takei Is Actually A Member of The Political Party That Literally Put Him In A Concentration Camp

Some think Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went too far when she compared the detention of immigrants at the border to being put in “concentration camps” earlier this week.

But actor and activist George Takei, who was sent to a Japanese-American internment camp during World War II with his family, backed up the New York Democrat’s characterization.

“I know what concentration camps are,” Takei wrote on Twitter this Tuesday. “I was inside two of them, in America. And yes, we are operating such camps again.”

The internment of Japanese Americans in concentration camps was ordered by Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt, one of the worst tyrants to ever rule over this great nation.

George Takei is a Democrat.

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I mean go figure that one out.

It would be like…

It would be like a Jew supporting national socialism.

Oh, right.

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Maybe Takei’s so old he just forgot. Or maybe he’s been beamed through the transporter a few too many times.

But don’t laugh too hard.

He is far from the only American to suffer from Stockholm syndrome where Washington’s political parties are concerned.

Surely you know the parties flipped since then!

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I do know that people say that.

But they didn’t.

It is impossible for them to have flipped since then.

Because they’ve been the same this whole time.

And everyone has conveniently forgotten–– or more likely, has never been made aware–– that Barack Obama (D) deported more immigrants than any president in U.S. history (over 2.5 million), and kept them in concentration camps along the way.

George Takei was an Obama supporter. So you can’t use the line that the Democratic Party has changed since FDR.

It hasn’t. It’s only gotten worse.

And Democrats still idolize FDR today.

As a libertarian, I don’t ever like seeing anyone being bullied and pushed around by the federal government who hasn’t been convicted of a crime against an individual’s life, liberty, or property in an orderly proceeding with substantive due process––

But unlike these ballyhooing, grandstanding Democrats, I criticized federal immigration policy in the Obama years as well as under Trump. There’s a record of it online to prove it.

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