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George Floyd Protests Continue in Minnesota

Protests are continuing in Minnesota on Wednesday evening a day after Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd after Floyd was seen on video saying he could not breathe with the officer’s knee on his neck.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), who is one of the frontrunners to be Joe Biden’s running mate, said at today’s LULAC town hall event: “By all counts, this was a public execution.”

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1:05 AM: Mayor Frey requests National Guard:

12:30 AM:



12:10 AM:

12:05 AM: Star Tribune:

11:55 PM:

11:45 PM:

11:43 PM:

11:10 PM:

11:00 PM:

10:42 PM: Los Angeles:

10:40 PM: National media investigating Minneapolis police:

10:37 PM: Minnesota: Autozone on fire:


10:35 PM: Minnesota:

10:20 PM: Minnesota:

10:15 PM: Calls to “Prosecute the police.”

10:05 PM: Mexican flags at George Floyd protests:

9:45 PM: Minnesota:

9:40 PM:


9:31 PM: LOS ANGELES: Rioters smash police car window:

9:18 PM:

9:09 PM:

9:06 PM: AP on George Floyd:

9:05 PM:

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