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Gavin Newsom Had Adverse Reaction To COVID Booster & Flu Shots

Sources have revealed why California Governor Gavin Newsom went missing from the public for nearly two weeks after receiving his COVID booster shot. Newsom’s disappearance became incredibly suspicious when he abruptly canceled his trip to the climate conference in Scotland last week, bizarrely claiming family obligations (namely Halloween) kept him from going.

But sources tell the Daily Mail that Newsom was left with muscle weakness and fatigue after receiving the COVID booster and a flu shot within days of each other.

Newsom made his first public appearance after receiving the booster on Saturday at the lavish wedding of Ivy Getty in San Francisco. After Newsom was spotted at the wedding, his press secretary Daniel Lopez denied any connection between Newsom’s disappearance and the shots.

According to Lopez, Newsom had “no adverse reaction to his booster shot” and said that the governor would resume having public events this week.

“The flu shot and booster shot were administered separately and the Governor did not have an adverse reaction to either shot,” Lopez insisted.

But, Newsom rarely goes so long without public events, and when he has, some explanation is typically given, prompting the rumor mill to go into overdrive.

Last month, Newsom mandated that all eligible students be vaccinated in order to attend school, despite the fact that unvaccinated kids have better protection from COVID than even vaccinated adults. But, Newsom is devoted to the narrative—so devoted, in fact, that he was willing to hide his adverse reaction to the Moderna booster in order to keep up appearances.

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The mainstream media has been doing its best to cover for Newsom and has yet to report on this confirmation of the true reason for his absence.

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