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GANGSTER’S PARADISE Foreign Criminal Allowed To Stay After Judge Rules Membership Of Notorious London Gang Shows ‘Integration Into Society’.

A TURKISH-born criminal was allowed to stay in Britain because a judge ruled his membership of a notorious gang showed he had integrated into UK society.

Tolga Binbuga, 29, has been convicted of robbery, burglary, assault, criminal damage and shoplifting and cautioned for drug possession.

Binbuga, who came to the UK aged nine but never applied for British citizenship, also joined North London’s Get Money Gang.

Police say the GMG is No2 on their list of Britain’s most dangerous gangs.

But when The Home Office tried to deport Binbuga his lawyers appealed saying he was a “home grown criminal” and English to the core.

Judge Evan Ruth agreed with claims Binbuga’s gang membership prove he had “socially and culturally integrated.”

Judge Ruth said: “It is a sad and unpleasant fact of life that, in various parts of London, gang culture is an accepted and widespread part of life for many young people.

“In my view, although it is a sad and unpleasant conclusion, the likely association of Binbuga with this north London gang is a good example of his integration into one of the less savoury aspects of UK life.”

Binbuga had argued that he had no friends in Turkey and his only family was a 73-year-old grandmother.

It is ridiculous to suggest being in a gang shows a person has integrated into British society.

Andrew Brigden, Conservative MP

The ruling allowing him to stay in the UK was made in 2016 but was never reported.

It was overturned by a Home Office appeal the following year in which judges said Judge Ruth had “erred in law” by claiming gang memberships showed he was socially integrated.

The ruling added: “Cultural integration refers to the acceptance and assumption by the foreign criminal of the culture of the UK, its core values, ideas, customs and social behaviour.

“This includes the principle of the rule of law. Membership of a pro-criminal gang shows a lack of such acceptance. It demonstrates disdain for the rule of law.”

The judges said there were no “compelling circumstances” to stop the deportation of Binbuga.

But he appealed yet again and ran up a bill of at least £50,000 before the case was finally thrown out last week. It was unclear yesterday whether he has yet been deported.

GMG started peddling drugs in North London before branching out into Essex, Herts, Wales and Scotland.

In 2013 four GMG thugs were found guilty of murdering 15-year-old Negus McClean, who was in a rival gang.

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