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Gaige Grosskreutz Contradicts Sworn Testimony on CNN: I Had ‘My Arms Up’ When Rittenhouse Shot Me

Gaige Grosskreutz, a witness in the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, contradicted sworn testimony he delivered under oath in an interview with CNN aired on Thursday.

On Monday, Grosskreutz confirmed under cross-examination by Rittenhouse attorney Corey Chirafisi that Rittenhouse shot him after he advanced upon Rittenhouse with his firearm pointed at the defendant.

Grosskreutz provided a contrary description of events leading up to him being shot by Rittenhouse in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, however, in which he denied pointing his gun at Rittenhouse prior to being shot.

Despite video of the event demonstrating Grosskreutz pointing his gun at Rittenhouse while moving towards him at a distance of several feet, Grosskreutz now claims his arms were raised when he was shot by Rittenhouse.

Grosskreutz also claims “the physiology of [his] wound” is “inconsistent” with his previous testimony under oath,

The transcript is as follows:

COOPER: On Good Morning America, today, you said that you were absolutely not pointing your gun at Rittenhouse. Can you clarify that?

GROSSKREUTZ: Yes. Absolutely. First and foremost, that was a very tense situation, something that I’ve never been in before, just like having never been shot before. I think It’s important to note, though, that specifically during [cross examination], if there is a skilled attorney, they’re able to present questions to help support their narrative. That’s their job, and with one of the exhibits that attorney Chirafasi had introduced, there is a photo of me with my gun pointed toward the defendant, either just after or right during he had shot me in my right arm.

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It’s important to note though that the physiology of my wound would be inconsistent with somebody being shot with their arm — and we’ll say, the traditional way that you would point a gun at somebody or some thing — the only way that I could have sustained the injury that I have is if I have been shot with my arms up. [Emphasis added].

COOPER: Did you ever point your gun at him?

GROSSKREUTZ: I think that, again, in the still photos, it certainly looks like it, but never intentionally. You have to understand that following that gunshot, I had no use of my arm. I wasn’t able to move anything in my right arm or on my right arm.

In an earlier and edited interview on Thursday with ABC’s Good Morning America, Grosskreutz denied having pointed his weapon at Rittenhouse. ABC’s Michael Strahan introduced Grosskreutz as the “sole survivor shot by Kyle Rittenhouse.” Grosskreutz further described Rittenhouse as an “active shooter” and as his “would-be murderer.”

ABC excised a portion of the interview immediately following Strahan asking Grosskreutz, “Why did you point your gun at [Rittenhouse]?” ABC has not released unedited video of the interview in its entirety.

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