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HALEY’S ‘PRIME’ TIME: Nikki Haley jumped into the 2024 White House race last week and the liberal media’s reaction was swift and baffling. CNN’s Don Lemon said a woman of Haley’s age (51) was past her prime. Daily Beast contributor Wajahat Ali said she “uses her brown skin to launder White supremacist talking points.” Haley meanwhile collects all the reactions backlash to prove a point… Read more from Kyle Morris: Nikki Haley responds to Don Lemon’s comment that she’s past her ‘prime’: Liberals ‘are the most sexist’

FIGHTIN’ BIDEN: President Biden in Poland Tuesday threatened to ramp up sanctions if Russia doesn’t “end the war” in Ukraine… Read more from Brooke Singman: Biden challenges Putin to ‘end the war’ in Ukraine, threatens to ramp up sanctions against Russia

VLAD MAD: Following Biden’s surprise visit to Kyiv Monday, Russia suspended its participation in New START nuclear treaty, which limited the U.S. and Russia from having more than 1,550 nuclear warheads a piece… Read more from Chris Pandolfo: Russia suspends participation in New START nuclear treaty with US, Putin says

OHIO WHO? The president’s startling visit to Ukraine, and his scheduled visit to Poland, rubbed many on the other side of the Atlantic wrong, as Biden has yet to visit the scene of a train derailment and chemical leak in East Palestine, Ohio… Read more from Brioanna Herlihy: GOP lawmakers slam Biden for Ukraine trip, neglecting East Palestine, southern border: ‘They can keep him!’

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TRAIN BLAME GAME: Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg called on the freight train industry to take action after a derailment in Ohio, but Republicans wonder what role Washington policies play… Read more from Ron Blitzer: Buttigieg points finger at rail industry after Ohio train derailment; GOP officials cite Biden admin policies

SWANKWELL: Rep. Eric Swalwell’s campaign spent more than half a million dollars on fancy dinners and hotels, and traveling expenses in the last two-year cycle, which dwarfs the total Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the former leader of House Democrats, paid in the same period… Read more from Joe Schoffstall: Eric Swalwell spent more campaign cash on travel and luxury accommodations than Nancy Pelosi

YA DON’T SAY: Freshmen Rep. George Santos, who lied about numerous aspects of his biography, claimed he is a terrible liar but thought he could get away with his fabrications after election day… Read more from Anders Hagstrom: George Santos says he is a ‘terrible liar,’ thought no one would notice because he ‘got away with it’ in 2020

SEMI-SUPREME COURT: Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon wants the Biden administration to ignore a potential Supreme Court ruling on an abortion drug if it doesn’t go the way he wants… Read more: Dem senator calls on Biden administration to ignore potential court order banning abortion drug

BIDEN’S NEMESIS: Spiritual advisor, wellness guru and former 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson said she has been moved to ‘explore the possibility’ of running for president in 2024, and says it’s time to move on from Joe Biden… Read more from Paul Steinhauser: Williamson tells Democrats it’s ‘time to move on’ from Biden as she plans trips to NH and early primary states


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President Trump heads to East Palestine, Ohio… Trump to visit East Palestine after toxic train derailment

Nikki Haley is in Iowa, and all over cable TV… Nikki Haley fires back at Whoopi Goldberg: ‘If my age is all they have, it means we’re winning’

Former Vice President Pence heads to South Carolina…. Pence returning to South Carolina as 2024 race heats up

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis goes to New York, Illinois, Philadelphia… DeSantis kicks off pro-police tour in Democrat-run cities as White House rumors swirl

Sen. Tim Scott heads to Iowa with massive war chest… Tim Scott’s massive war chest could give him head start in 2024 presidential campaign

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