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BE BEST, AGAIN: Melania Trump broke her silence about her husband’s presidential run, telling Fox News Digital that she believes former President Trump can lead America “toward greatness and prosperity once again”… Read more: Melania fully behind Trump’s 2024 campaign, says it would be a ‘privilege’ to serve as first lady again

GRADING POTUS: Americans give their honest grade of President Biden as he seeks a second term… Read more: ‘IT’S A MESS’: Americans grade Biden after poll shows dismal 36% approval rating

Read more: Biden bleeding support with Black voters as 2024 campaign heats up: poll

PP ‘N SUNDAES: Some White House staffers reportedly view the president’s eating habits as similar to a toddler’s… Read more: Inside the Biden White House, aides reportedly knock president for eating ‘like a child’

‘RONA RESEARCH: A highly-criticized federal grant for researching coronaviruses has been restarted (with modifications) years after President Trump canceled the funding amid the COVID-19 pandemic… Read more: Biden admin restarts bat virus research grant that funded Wuhan lab, coronavirus testing

DEAL HUNTER: The president’s son arranged a meeting with a hedge fund client while Biden was VP, which included a ride in Biden’s car according to Hunter’s laptop emails… Read more: Hunter Biden arranged NYC meeting between VP Biden and Rosemont-connected business associate

BIG SPENDERS: The federal government’s deficit spending jumped way up compared to last year… Read more: Federal government under Biden runs $928,000,000,000 deficit in just 7 months

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REPARATIONS BUGALOO: Recommendations for reparations for descendants of Black slaves could reach 1.2 million, but that’s not enough according to many activists… Read more: Activists demand higher payments from California reparations task force: ‘$200 million’ per person

NEWSOM’S CHOICE: With activists putting pressure on the state government for reparations, California Gov. Gavin Newsom will have to weigh the calls with the state budget… Read more: California reparations recommendations have Newsom between rock and hard place

BORROWER BLOWS: A Biden administration proposal to subsidize low credit-score borrowers could have disastrous consequences, many Republicans warn… Read more: Sen. Tim Scott warns Biden’s new mortgage rule will block families from making ‘homeownership a reality’

BRACING FOR IMPACT: With Title 42 coming to an end, border officials are preparing for an influx of migrants at the southern border… Read more: Border Patrol clears way for more migrant releases to city streets, sources say: ‘The dam is about to break’

MOTHER-TO-BE: Freshman Rep. Anna Paulina Luna shared exciting news about her growing family… Read more: Rep. Anna Paulina Luna announces pregnancy with first child: ‘Children are a blessing’

STOCK UP: The lawmaker representing Manhattan’s financial district is under fire for what some view as a suspicious increase in his stock portfolio… Read more: Dem congressman who literally represents Wall Street raises eyebrows with stock trades

 : Read more: Senate Dems target Clarence Thomas in fundraising emails: ‘We cannot lose momentum’

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ONCE WAS ENOUGH: Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema raised eyebrows when she left the Democrats to become an independent, but she said she won’t switch affiliation to the Republicans… Read more: Sen. Kyrsten Sinema vows to never join Republicans: ‘You don’t go from one broken party to another’

INTERNAL DIVISION: Even some Democrats are furious at Biden’s handling of the border crisis… Read more: Democrats rail against Biden admin’s handling of southern border as Title 42 expiration approaches

BACKBONE: Sen. Tim Scott, who’s considering a 2024 presidential run, says voters want a candidate with courage to stand for their convictions… Read more: Tim Scott proposes reinstating Title 42 border restrictions due to surge in fentanyl overdose deaths

NO MORE FENCE SITTING: Gov. Ron DeSantis hinted that he may enter the GOP presidential primary race – or at least make a decision – sometime soon… Read more: Gov. Ron Desantis addresses potential 2024 presidential run: ‘You either gotta put up or shut up’

FRIENDS AGAIN? After a public battle of words, Trump and a leading pro-life group appear to have reconciled… Read more: Trump, pro-life group meet after public fight over federal abortion restrictions

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