Former Trump official announces major ‘Deport Them All’ border initiative amid bid to flip crucial Senate seat

Dr. Jeff Gunter, Republican Nevada Senate candidate and former U.S. ambassador to Iceland, announced a new initiative to help end the border crisis.

LAS VEGAS — EXCLUSIVE: A former Trump official running in one of this year’s crucial battleground Senate races is launching a major initiative to help end the crisis at the southern border amid his effort to oust an incumbent Democrat.

Republican Nevada Senate candidate Jeff Gunter, the former U.S. ambassador to Iceland, announced Saturday his “Build the Wall, Deport Them All” initiative, which, although in its preliminary stage, will ultimately target illegal immigrants he says are causing a grave economic impact on small businesses across the country.

Gunter says he will invest $1 million of his own money in the initiative, including developing a website and reporting mechanism for everyday citizens to report suspicious activity. The money will also go towards an ad campaign to inform people across the silver state about the initiative, which is expected to have more backers in the near future.


“I refuse to stand by and watch our communities destroyed by the flood of illegals,” Gunter told Fox News Digital. “Talk is cheap, and if Biden won’t do anything about it, I will. That’s why I’m stepping up to make progress and expedite the deportation effort.”

“With President Biden, Democrats, and RINOs failing to secure our nation’s borders, it’s time for real patriots to step up. My plan will not only restart the wall construction, but will also ensure that our laws are enforced without apology. This financial commitment underscores my personal commitment to our national security and the rule of law,” he added.

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A key component of Gunter’s initiative will include working with local businesses to identify illegal immigrants negatively impacting their operations, with that information being passed to the Department of Homeland Security for “immediate action and enforcement.”

It will also include developing partnerships with small businesses to “assess and mitigate the impact of illegal immigration on their operations,” and the launch of a “See Something, Say Something” campaign that will provide a dedicated tip line to “empower citizens to report suspicious activities and support law enforcement in maintaining national security.”


Additionally, Gunter vows that, if elected, he will work to immediately resume construction of the border wall, enhance border surveillance, crack down on sanctuary cities and states, and end birthright citizenship.

“My top three priorities when I become the next U.S. senator here in Nevada is shut the border, shut the border, and, you guessed it, shut the border,” Gunter told Fox News Digital in a recent interview. 

“If you do not have a border, you do not have a country. And, think about it, Donald Trump put in Remain in Mexico. While the asylum seekers were being processed, they had to remain in Mexico. And what did Joe Biden do? He eliminated it with the rubber stamp of Jacky Rosen,” he said, referencing Democrat Sen. Jacky Rosen, who is running for re-election.

Gunter said he would work to reinstate the Remain in Mexico policy, where asylum seekers were required to remain in Mexico while their applications were processed, and reinstate Title 42, a policy established during the COVID-19 pandemic that allowed officials to turn away migrants at the border because of health concerns.

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“They’re not just illegal immigrants that are coming into this country, they’re 110% invaders,” Gunter said. “The Chinese government knows exactly who’s coming into America. We can also see that many of these people are 20 to 30-year-olds of military age. And we need to stop it. We need to keep America safe.” 


“I will support President Trump as the next U.S. senator, not only shutting the border, not only reinstituting Remain in Mexico and everything else, but I will advocate for the largest deportation program ever seen here in America. Why? Because your first act as an American should not be an illegal act,” he added.

The seven figures Gunter intends to invest in the initiative comes a month after he announced plans to spend millions on the ramp up of his Senate campaign amid his battle with former U.S. Army Captain Sam Brown for the Republican nomination and a shot at Rosen in November.

“Jacky Rosen has been ranked one of the most bipartisan and effective Senators in the nation because of her proven record of political independence and her work across party lines to deliver for Nevada. While extreme MAGA Republicans are busy tearing each other down in a divisive and expensive primary, Senator Rosen is focused on communicating directly to voters about the work she’s doing to fight for Nevadans,” Rosen campaign spokesperson Johanna Warshaw told Fox News Digital.

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The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), which is backing Brown, has been highly critical of Gunter and sought to tie him closely to his home state of California.

“Jeff Gunter is a Democrat who recently moved to Nevada from California. Gunter will stand with Joe Biden to open the border — not secure it,” NRSC communications Director Mike Berg told Fox News Digital.

The primary will be held Tuesday, June 11.

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