Florida man breaks into Burger King and drinks gallons of cooking oil.

A extremely hungry man found a interesting way to cheat on his diet over the weekend. The Miami Police department received a call at around 2 AM on Sunday evening at a Burger King for a break in. Officers where able to be on the scene in moments. As Police entered the establishment the encountered the over 500 pound Romeo Carter, chugging down the oil directly from the deep fryers. The 41 year old Romeo had already drank gallons of the fryer oil but had a insatiable thirst for the grease. He drank over 25 gallons of fryer grease in total.

Romeo Carter was arrested and charged with Burglary, criminal trespass, theft and criminal mischief. Romeo Carter was released on bail and met with the Miami Inquirer to leave a statement.

“My Wife put me on a tofu and raw vegetable diet, and i couldn’t take it anymore.I waited till she was asleep and went to the restaurant to grab a couple of burgers, but it was closed. I was starving and depressed and I totally lost it”.


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