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Finland’s Government Collapsed Under Weight Of Socialized Healthcare.

Filthy Blood stained examining room in Cumana Hospital, Cumana, Venezuela August 2018 The hospital has no water, is filthy , flies everywhere, open gutters outside, everything is broken . Floors blood stained. Corridors lined with patients.

Finland’s government has collapsed just weeks before the general election.  New socialist and communist reforms have failed due to the rising costs of healthcare.

Healthcare costs, which are high because of governments, have caused the collapse of the Finnish government. Prime Minister Juha Sipila and the rest of the cabinet resigned after the governing coalition failed to pass reforms in parliament to the country’s regional government and health services.

Finland, like much of the developed world, faces an aging population, with around 26 percent of its citizens expected to be over 65 by the year 2030, an increase of 5 percent from today.  The strain on the socialized medical system is impossible to ignore, and cannot be fixed by more government interference.

And the problems with socialism continue, as money is taken from some and given to others, eventually, the takers will outnumber the makers.

As an increasing number of people live longer in retirement, the cost of providing pension and healthcare benefits can rise. Those increased costs are paid for by taxes collected from of the working-age population – who make up a smaller percentage of the population than in decades past. -BBC

The only reform that could possibly help these failing systems is to have the government step back and let competition and the free market thrive. Of course, that’s the one thing governments cannot and will not do because it means giving up power and control over people’s lives.

Reuters reports that soaring treatment costs and longer life spans have particularly affected Nordic countries. It isn’t just Finland.  Sweden and Denmark face similar bleak outlooks for their socialism as well.

“Nordic countries, where comprehensive welfare is the cornerstone of the social model, have been among the most affected,” according to Reuters.

“But reform has been controversial and, in Finland, plans to cut costs and boost efficiency have stalled for years.”

The Kaiser Family Foundation found that 58 percent of Americans oppose “Medicare for all” if told it would eliminate private health insurance plans, and 60 percent oppose it if it requires higher taxes, according to a report by the Washington Free Beacon. Americans are general living paycheck to paycheck and already suffer under an unjust and burdensome tax system. Socialized medicine would mean one thing is for certain: more of your money will be stolen from you to pay for it. It isn’t about giving everyone healthcare, it’s about a boost in power and control for government officials and politicians who think they have the right to steal from us and run our lives.

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