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Dylan Mulvaney Is Biden’s New Voice of Women

What do you call a crossdressing man-child like Dylan Mulvaney? If you’re the Left, he’s the voice of women, even to the alleged President of the United States. That’s the big crazy on today’s Insanity Wrap — an entire week’s worth of lefty nuttiness wrapped up in one easy-to-swallow medicated news capsule.


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Before we get to today’s big story, here’s a short video to make you lose whatever little faith you might still have in humanity.

One more time: Unhinged mood swings are not genders.

On the one hand, I hate to give an obvious scam artist like Dylan Mulvaney the attention he so desperately craves. On the other, I have to give some grudging credit to a con so wildly successful.

Mulvaney was a moderately successful gay TikTok star, an over-the-top pantomime of male homosexuality that made Jack from Will & Grace look like John Wayne at his most taciturn.

But Mulvaney gained great fame — and to many, particularly women, great notoriety — with his mock transition into a girl.

Not a woman. A girl. His series on TikTok detailing his transition is called “Days of Girlhood.”

Near as I can tell, Mulvaney’s so-called transition consisted of a wardrobe change and longer hair (although I suspect it’s a wig). He’s transitioned about as much as Uncle Miltie ever did — and less convincingly, too.

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Rip Taylor’s last words* were spoken in a phone call to Mulvaney. “Kid, you gotta dial it down,” he said.

But a man’s gotta make a living, and Mulvaney has proven lucky and scheming enough to hop aboard our country’s latest manic bandwagon and ride it all the way to Fameville.

In fact, Mulvaney rode it all the way to the White House last week, where he and five other “progressive” young “change-makers” were granted an audience with Presidentish Joe Biden to talk about trans issues and what it really means to be a girl.

On the issue of whether children below the age of consent should be allowed to permanently alter their bodies — rendering them effectively neutered and incapable of ever achieving orgasm — Biden assured Mulvaney that it’s actually “immoral” to prevent it.

“It’s really important that we continue to speak out about the basic fundamental rights of all human beings, and the idea, the idea, that was going on, you know, in some states — I won’t get into the politics of it, but, some states, it’s just — it’s outrageous, and I think it’s immoral.”

As Christopher Rufo put it, “Biden’s closing argument for the midterms is to promote puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, mastectomies, and vaginoplasties for minors — a position that is opposed by 79% of voters. Bizarre move to make radical gender theory his final pitch.”

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But this is a big country, with plenty of room for oddballs and malcontents. And folks who genuinely suffer from the mental condition of gender dysphoria deserve our compassion and help — and I don’t mean debilitating surgeries or cross-sex hormone “treatments.”

We can’t allow those with mental issues to set policy because it’s confused kids, encouraged to mutilate themselves, who pay the price.

Story cited here.

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