DOD still probing causes of ‘Havana syndrome’ after intelligence officials say no adversary linked: report

The U.S. Defense Department says it will still continuing to investigating incidents of "Havana Syndrome" despite the intelligence community's inability to link a foreign adversary.

The U.S. Department of Defense is reportedly carrying on with its own research into the causes of the so-called “Havana Syndrome” despite the intelligence community saying last week it could not link any foreign adversaries. 

Foreign intelligence officials told Politico that the Pentagon’s research arm is testing weapons systems to try and identify what could cause “anomalous health incidents.” 

Lt. Col Devin Robsin said the Pentagon’s “cross-functional team” remains focused on addressing these incidents, including their “causation, attribution, mitigation, identification and treatment.” 

As noted in the report, an intelligence official told reporters last week the Pentagon is developing “defenses” against the syndrome and is investigating to see if a weapon is responsible. 

Fox News Digital has reached out to the Pentagon for further comment.


The latest report comes after findings released last week by U.S. intelligence officials cast doubt on the longstanding suspicions by many people who reported cases that Russia or another country may have been running a global campaign to harass or attack Americans using some form of directed energy.

Most of the cases investigated appear to have different causes, from environmental factors to undiagnosed illnesses, said the officials, who say they have not found a single explanation for most or all of the reports.

Investigators found “no credible evidence” that any adversary had obtained a weapon that could cause the reported symptoms or a listening device that might inadvertently injure people.

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The Biden administration has been under pressure to respond to Havana syndrome cases from government personnel who have reported injuries and their advocates, including members of Congress. President Joe Biden in 2021 signed into law the HAVANA Act, which provided compensation to people deemed to have sustained injuries consistent with what the government calls “anomalous health incidents.”

Affected people have reported headaches, dizziness and other symptoms often linked to traumatic brain injuries. Some U.S. employees have left government due to the severity of their illnesses.

“Nothing is more important than the health and wellbeing of our workforce,” said Maher Bitar, the White House National Security Council’s senior director for intelligence programs, in a statement. “Since the start of the Biden-Harris Administration, we have focused on ensuring that our colleagues have access to the care and support they need.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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