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Dick Morris: ‘Horrified, Shocked’ by Fox News’ Pro-Soros Stance

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich should not have been silenced on Fox News when he said billionaire George Soros was funding district attorneys around the United States, Democratic strategist and White House adviser Dick Morris told Newsmax TV.

“I was shocked and horrified last night when Gingrich was on Fox News, my old network, and he attempted to point out that Soros was funding these district attorneys that were letting people off,” Morris told Thursday’s “Greg Kelly Reports.”

Fox News’ “Outnumbered” host Harris Faulkner cut off Gingrich on Wednesday when he began talking about the Soros-funded judges and prosecutors who are giving lenient sentences to offenders.

“Soros basically descended on the criminal justice system and tried to use his wealth to elect district attorneys that were basically pro-crime,” Morris said. “And the Fox News anchor cut him off, wouldn’t let him finish. And when he started again, she cut him off again . . . and then they pulled the plug on him, and the screen went dark.”

“Fox always tried to tell ME never to criticize China when you’re on our air. I can’t believe the censorship that goes on. And thank God it doesn’t happen on Newsmax.”​

Morris added, “George Soros systematically tried to undermine the criminal justice system by using millions of dollars to elect district attorneys, and attorney generals, and sheriffs . . . he just comes in with millions and blows them out of the water because he’s electing DAs that won’t prosecute. And Gingrich calls people’s attention to that, absolutely important. And Fox pulls the plug on him.”

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