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David Axelrod Calls Out Democrats For Making Investigations Look Like ‘Witch-Hunt’.

David Axelrod, who served as senior adviser to former President Barack Obama, criticized House Democrats on Monday for their blanket demand for documents from more than 80 people associated with President Trump, warning it could play into the characterization of a witch hunt.

“Maybe I’m missing something, but the hazard of an omnibus document demand by House judiciary versus discreet, serial ones is that, however legitimate the areas of inquiry, the wide-ranging nature of it is too easily plays into the ‘witch-hunt’ meme,” he tweeted.

Axelrod’s warning came after House Democrats sent letters to more than 80 people who have worked for President Trump, his administration, and his campaign.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said in a statement that Democrats would “gather this information, assess the evidence, and follow the facts where they lead with full transparency with the American people.”

The Democrats’ investigation is launching as Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s is winding down, so  far without any revelations of collusion with Russia.

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