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Cuomo Claims ‘Santa Is Going To Be Very Good to Me’ While Bragging About How Hard He’s Worked

New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo is feeling proud toward his “accomplishments.”

With more than 36,000 New Yorkers having died from COVID-19, shootings in New York City up 95 percent and his state having lost 10 percent of its jobs since February, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave himself a pat on the back Monday.

“Santa’s going to be very good to me. I can tell. I worked hard this year,” Cuomo said Monday during a coronavirus briefing, according to Fox News.

Many disagreed with Cuomo’s inclusion of himself on Santa’s list of good children, given the connection between Cuomo’s policies and home deaths caused by COVID-19.

“Gov. Cuomo, who presided over the worst pandemic response in the country and whose policy actively and directly made it worse, has no business writing a book to congratulate himself on a job well done. He deserves exactly zero plaudits for good leadership and should be remembered for, if anything, his ‘impossible mountain’ of death,” Dr. Kevin Pham wrote for The Heritage Foundation.

Twitter also pushed back at the governor’s assessment of his efforts.

As noted by a transcript of his comments released by his office, Cuomo was in a whimsical mood Monday, on a day when the state announced 109 people had died of COVID-19 the day before.

“We had a request for a waiver of quarantine. We normally do not do waivers of quarantine,” he said. “But we have an unusual request, but DOH has been considering it for the past few days and they have actually granted the request. Santa Claus asked for an exception for the 14-day quarantine requirement because it would be impractical for him to be in the state and then quarantine and still get all his gifts delivered on time. DOH was flexible. They have granted the quarantine waiver, but Santa is required to wear a mask this year.”

Cuomo is also not in the good graces of New York City restaurant owners, some of whom say that have banned Cuomo from their places of business, according to the Washington Examiner. Cuomo recently banned indoor dining in New York City.

“He can eat at some sh—- roadside diner outside of Albany but he will not be served anywhere in New York City, known universally as the world’s greatest dining destination! If he has to use the restroom he can go pee on my street-corner,” said bar owner Larry Baird.

“It doesn’t seem like we can do business,” said Mac’s Public House owner Danny Presti. “So here’s what we’re going to do for everybody: We’re going to give away everything for free. So now you can come to Mac’s Public House, and you can eat for free and you can drink for free. We just ask that you do make a donation toward us so that we can still pay our bills.”

“We refuse to abide by any rules and regulations put forth by the Mayor of NYC and the Governor of NY State,” a sign on the window of the bar said.

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