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COVID-19 Relief Checks To Hit Some Bank Accounts As Early As Tuesday

The U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said Tuesday in a Tweet that some Americans may start to see money in their bank accounts ‘as early as tonight.’

After much debate between Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill regarding the contents of a new COVID-19 relief package an agreement was finally reached. Mnuchin mentioned in the tweet that the Treasury Department had delivered a payment file to the Federal Reserve that correlated with the relief bill, according to The Hill.

Mnuchin went on to state that paper checks will start to be processed and sent out Wednesday, Fox5DC reported.

This is the second round of COVID-19 relief funds being sent out directly to the American people. The first round of money was sent in March 2020. The new package passed by Congress will deliver $600 to qualifying Americans earning up to $75,000 annually. There is also a provision that provides $600 for each dependent child, according to Fox5DC.

There have been ongoing talks about a $2000 payment as proposed by President Donald Trump but Congress has yet to agree on this. President-elect Joe Biden said that he considered the second COVID-19 relief package a “down payment” and he would plan on asking Congress for more funds when in office according to CNBC.

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