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Corrupt, Biden-Loving MSM Is Over Its Brief Flirtation With Journalism

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning friends. My imaginary pet goat Seth just made a mess in the foyer.

Kudos to anyone who made it through alleged President Biden’s speech on Tuesday without breaking something—like your last grip on sanity.

If you’re like me, you probably feel that things aren’t going well here in the United States these days. The dangerous and toxic cocktail of incompetence and rabid totalitarian ideology being served up by Joe Biden and his puppet masters is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of reality-based folk everywhere.

Good news: We can all feel much better if we’re willing to take a leap into the fictional world occupied by our political opposites who dwell in Camp Delusion.

We were all a bit stunned when even the likes of Chuck Todd found it impossible to cover for Biden as the situation in Afghanistan unfolded in the early days of the withdrawal.

As of yesterday, Biden, his shadowy commie cabal of handlers, and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media let it be known that all real-world assessments of what has gone on for the past two weeks in Afghanistan are over.

Biden gave a speech on Tuesday that was slightly better than his recent appearances, if only because his puppeteers got his Adderall dosage correct this time and he slurred a little less than he usually does.

The handlers sufficiently convinced little Joey that he is indeed the smartest boy in the class and he went out in front of the cameras and took what our A.J. Kaufman called a victory lap:

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Roughly 24 hours after our inept withdrawal from Afghanistan, President Joe Biden finally addressed the country — nearly an hour after his scheduled start time, on a weekday afternoon with Congress not in session.

Like other recent speeches, the diatribe came across as a defiant victory lap, with Biden asserting “we were ready” for what happened, thanks to his administration’s contingency planning.

Astonishingly, the president did not take true accountability, other than saying his assumptions about our Afghan partners “turned out not to be accurate.”

A dubious talking point was the president’s accusation that those opposing his surrender want “forever war.” This nauseating cliché, spewed by the left and isolationist right, is easily debunked. Ironically, because of Biden’s failures, we are likely headed for more war, more troops, and a less secure homeland.

Biden has repeatedly said the buck stops with him, but again on Tuesday afternoon he instead blamed Americans for staying in Afghanistan, the Afghanistan government, its security forces, and former President Donald Trump.

There wasn’t any critical pushback on the speech in the major MSM sources, trust me.

Paula wrote a post after the speech decrying Biden’s “almost jubilant” tone and offered this prediction:

Trust me, it’s going to be ugly. Honestly, I’m stunned that so many in the MSM were able to pretend to be real journalists for over a week. The poor dears were probably covered in flop sweat from being in proximity to the truth for several days.

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My latest column provides a few examples of the media hacks who are already feverishly covering for Ol’ Gropes. A writer actually compared Biden’s Tuesday speech to Reagan, if you’re wondering how far they’ll go to craft this fantasy.

All of this is the reason I wrote last week that the media don’t get a pass because they actually did their jobs for a couple of days. That was posted just hours before the bombings in Kabul. The MSM propagandists who enable Biden by never telling the truth were dangerous prior to that. Now they’re more criminally evil than ever before.

According to them, however, I’m a bad guy for pointing out that they’re bad guys.

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