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CNN Medical Expert Says You’ll Get Your ‘Moment Of Freedom’ When You Get Vaccinated

Americans that aren’t responding to the societal “all in this together” approach to controlling the pandemic should instead be told by officials that they’ll get their freedoms back when they get vaccinated, said Dr. Leana Wen in an interview with CNN Newsroom Thursday.

When asked about the significance of Dr. Fauci stating that as the COVID-19 numbers go down, they can explore loosening pandemic related restrictions, Wen responded by saying it mattered, but Fauci and President Biden are approaching it the wrong way.

“I definitely think it matters. I think though that the approach that Dr. Fauci and President Biden have been taking is a societal approach,” said Wen. “They’re saying there is a light at the end of the tunnel for all of us together, and when we can reduce the level of infection in the community, increase vaccination rates, that’s when, at some point, hopefully soon, but at some point, we can relax the restrictions.”

Wen continued by pointing out that for many Americans, the societal “all in this together” mindset may not be the best approach, and instead officials should tell those people that they would get their freedoms back if they got vaccinated.

“I don’t know if that works for many Americans. For many people it probably does work to say “yes, we’re in this together. It’s patriotic. We’re doing this together,” stated Wen.

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“But I think a lot of people are thinking kind of selfishly, thinking what’s in it for me, and they’re not willing to wait until this elusive herd immunity,” Wen continued.

“If we can tell those individuals who otherwise would not get vaccinated, if we say to them the moment of freedom for you is when you get vaccinated, when you reach the two week mark. These are people who otherwise might not be vaccinated so lets give them that incentive.”

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