Chinese Censorship Company Invests Millions Into Reddit.

What happens when the front page of the internet is funded by the company that made the Great Firewall in China?

Reddit, the internet forum for communities, posts, and news, is currently fundraising to keep itself afloat, with a $300 million goal. Half of that goal has already been met, thanks to a massive investment of $150 million from Chinese censorship company Tencent. The company is in charge of blocking, blacklisting and preventing internet access to certain groups, sites, and information in China. Ironically, Tencent is responsible for the banning of Reddit in China.

Only time will tell but if we can look to Hollywood movies as a precursor our Internet is about to get censored. That should sound alarm bells for every American. If we are not able to criticize, especially our largest geopolitical enemy than our first amendment was just undercut.

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