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Chaos Erupts as Large Group of Juveniles Brazenly Loot and Destroy Wawa Food Market in Philadelphia

On Sunday night, a gang of juveniles wreaked havoc by brazenly looting and destroying the Wawa Food Market in Northeast Philadephia’s Mayfair section.

In a now-viral video posted by Tara Nicole on Facebook, the mob can be heard cheering as they deliberately destroyed the food market and looted it.

One woman urged a Wawa employee to stop recording so that he could prepare her sandwich as the store was being ransacked.

Below is the aftermath; some of the kids were also seen fighting in the parking lot.

Earlier this month, CBS correspondent Joe Holden reported that dozens of juveniles were ransacking convenience stores across Center City, Philadelphia.

““Closed early due to police activity” Philadelphia Police tell me dozens of juveniles were ransacking convenience stores across Center City (nothing to do with Made in America, according to police sources). They hit a number of Wawa locations — and police tell me most of their Center City locations have since shut down. I checked on two stores — they were closed. Police say an unknown number of juveniles were taken into custody,” Holden reported.

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