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BLM-Antifa Protesters Chant ‘Burn it Down’ During March Through Nation’s Capital

Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters marched through the streets of Washington, DC, on Saturday night. In one video, marchers can be heard chanting “burn it down.” The protesters also became violent with a D.C. police officer outside a restaurant.

BLM and Antifa protesters took to the streets in the nation’s capital Saturday night. A video posted by independent videographer Brendan Gutenschwager shows the marchers moving through what appears to be a residential neighborhood chanting, “If we don’t get it, burn it down.”

Protesters carrying an Antifa flag could be seen with the marchers as they chanted, “Whose streets, our streets.”

Fox News reported the Total Liberation Collective and the Palm Collective 0rganized the “DC Queer and Trans Black History March and Rally which began at about 2 p.m.

Following that event, BLM protesters began marching near Dupont Circle, the article states.

As the marchers approached a row of restaurants, protesters began harassing diners.

Marchers wearing black bloc turned began harassing police officers with chants and blinding strobe lights.

The conflict turned violent as protesters scuffled with D.C. Metro police officers.

Police officers monitored the crowd closely until the groups eventually disbursed.

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