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Bill Walton Threatened, Chased, And Assaulted By Homeless In San Diego And SUDDENLY He’s Fed Up With Consequences Of Liberalism…

Walton doesn’t like how there’s a record-high of homeless people in downtown San Diego. The city saw 1,609 homeless people earlier this month and that’s led Walton to send numerous emails to Mayor Todd Gloria.

In one of the emails, Walton told Gloria that he was assaulted by a homeless person while riding a bike.

“Once again, while peacefully riding my bike early this Sunday morning in Balboa Park, I was threatened, chased, and assaulted by the homeless population, in our park,” Walton wrote in an email.

Walton has lived in San Diego for over four decades and usually doesn’t speak ill of the city.

The fact that he is now should tell everyone that there’s a big problem.

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