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Biden’s Weaponized Anti-Constitution Feds Are Getting Creepier

It was three years ago yesterday that I took over the helm here at the Morning Briefing. I had never considered doing a daily newsletter and was intrigued when my boss Paula asked me if I wanted to do it. Of course, I had no idea what I was getting into but I’m glad that I got into it. This is a fun gig in ways that I couldn’t have imagined. I’m looking at ways to make it even more fun, like with our new Mailbag of Magnificence. Who knows? Maybe we’ll put in a petting zoo soon.

Anyway, let’s keep the ride going and see if we can’t get a gnu or two for the zoo.

While we’re all over here looking forward to November, the Democrats are busy trying to turn every part of the federal government that they can on their political opponents. When they talk about growing the government to “help” people, they mean to help Democrats flex their fascist freak flags.

From the rogue J6 kangaroo court to the soon-to-be beefed-up IRS and its weapons cache, Joe Biden’s America has a decidedly Soviet feeling.

Chris wrote a couple of recent articles about how the Biden’s feds are creeping on the rights of legal gun owners.

The first one involves a backdoor way to take names for an illegal gun registry.

The second one is more of the same, but featuring the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms:

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When an ATF inspector showed up at Black Metal Firearms in Mesa, Ariz., a few months ago and began taking photos of the gun shop’s sales records using her personal phone, owner Dave Nagel couldn’t believe his eyes.

Nagel posted a snippet of the 20 minutes of footage he had of the auditor snapping pictures of the store’s Acquisitions and Dispensations (A&D) books on Instagram, and the video has gotten tens of thousands of views and plenty of comments. ATF Industry Operations Inspector (IOI) Pamela Scott methodically photographed every page of the A&D books, rather than documenting specific errors, which is common practice.

“No registry? Here’s our ATF auditor copying every single page of our A&D books with her cell phone camera using an app that reads text,” Nagel captioned the video. “This data includes make, model, serial number, buyer’s name and address, and even the seller. We have well over 20 minutes of footage of this happening in our shop in public view. Yes, this is illegal.”

It’s not paranoia if it is actually happening.

Even if the GOP has a big November, President LOLEightyonemillion will still be able to sic his various unhinged federal agency dogs on law-abiding Americans who aren’t willing participants in their commie vision for running this great country into the ground.

Everything that the Democrats are doing is rooted in a hatred of the United States Constitution. At least all the parts of it that don’t have to do with collecting taxes.

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These kinds of things are precisely what rightwing nutjobs like me are warning against when we caution the Republicans to not give in to the Democrats on any issue. All of it aids and abets the progressive plunge into the toilet.

Let’s just hope there’s still enough of the Republic to save by the time 2024 gets here.

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