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Biden’s Virtual Town Hall Goes Haywire with Audio Issues, Joe Wandering Off Screen

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden’s first virtual town hall on Friday was denounced as “an absolute technical nightmare.”

Biden had been scheduled to hold a traditional campaign event in Illinois on Friday.

However, in light of restrictions on gatherings that are being put in place in response to the coronavirus outbreak, the campaign decided to make the event a virtual town hall.

As CNN reported, the event was pushed back by two hours from its original start time, and then still started 15 minutes late.

Makena Kelly, who dissected the event for The Verge, explained what greeted her when she clicked in.

“When I logged onto Joe Biden’s first-ever virtual town hall, I was greeted with one Illinois senator adjusting the angle of her webcam and another showing off an adorable (but screaming) baby in an oddly intimate video call before the former vice president even appeared onscreen,” she wrote in her piece, which was titled simply, “Joe Biden’s first virtual town hall was an absolute technical nightmare.”

“What was at first an awkwardly silent video conference evolved into a complete technical nightmare that resulted in Biden sounding as if he was screaming in TV static for the first few minutes of the event,” she wrote.

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Those attending the event pointed out the problems.

In fact, the first question was actually a critique from a viewer who noted, “Mr. Biden’s speech was garbly the entire time.”

Biden also seemed flummoxed by the technology.

“Am I live?” he said when the third questioner of the evening was speaking.

“Am I on camera?” he said as the fourth person asked a question.