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Biden’s 100-Day Deportation Moratorium Paused Indefinitely By Federal Judge

The attempt by the Biden administration to implement a 100-day ban on deporting illegal immigrants was paused indefinitely by a judge on Tuesday, Fox News reports.

Judge Drew Tipton indefinitely suspended the executive order, which was designed to suspend the deportation of any illegal immigrants who are not considered to be national security threats.

Tipton had previously issued a two week pause on the executive order in late January after Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton argued that it violated federal law to issue such a moratorium without first consulting Texas.

According to federal law, Texas must be given 180 days notice by the Department of Homeland Security before the President could issue any executive orders changing immigration policy and enforcement.

The executive order came as part of Biden’s sweeping immigration agenda, which also involves amnesty for illegal immigrants living in the United States and ending the construction of the border wall with Mexico started by former President Donald Trump.

The Biden administration has since issued guidelines requiring pre-approval for ICE to arrest certain illegal immigrants residing in the United States if they fall under categories included in the suspended executive order.

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